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AP human geography is a fairly difficult test and understanding the structure of the AP test will help you score at five or at least pass this year’s exam. The AP human geography test is consistent of 60 minutes, to answer 75 multiple-choice questions, and then you will receive 75 minutes to answer three free response essay questions.  This is definitely not a test to procrastinate and wait on, a lot of the information in the AP human geography exam is information that you will need to research and memorize. We recommend using flashcards and reviewing an AP textbook about human geography at least for an hour per day leading up to the AP exam. This AP test in particular is one where it makes sense to study out loud, forming a group with friends or sharing flashcards back-and-forth is a great way to do that.

2019 AP Human Geography Test Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Best Human Geography Textbook

Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities 12th Edition

Reviewers on Amazon report that this book provides good coverage of the topics that may be included on the AP Human Geo exam including in depth information about cultures around the world, the effects that mankind is having around the environment and information about governments in relation to human geography. The book is filled with illustrations and maps that will help you understand the movement of humans around different parts of the world and in different times of history. The 12th edition of this AP Human Geography text book provides the same structure and organization as previous editions.

by Mark Bjelland Associate Professor (Author), Daniel R. Montello (Author), Jerome D Fellmann (Author), Arthur Getis (Author), Judith Getis (Author)

Best Human Geography Review Book

Barron's AP Human Geography, 6th Edition 6th Edition

Barron’s AP Human Geography review book provides a great to way to review the information that you have already learned before your take the AP Human Geography exam. This book is one of the best ways to prepare for the AP test. Don’t forget to take the practice tests in this book, they will help you with strategies to get a 5 on the AP Human Geography exam. Included in this AP review book are 2 practice exams with an abundance of answers and explanations. You can also take the diagnostic test to determine where gaps in knowledge are for your understanding of human geography. A full review of the subjects with regard to map reading is included and covers the following areas: understanding scale, population geography, cultural geography, political geography, economic geography, agricultural and rural geography, and urban geography. As one of the best-selling books in geography on Amazon, this book gives students an overview of Human Geography concepts without being too intense. Parents report that this book gives their students a good guide for studying for the AP Human Geo test.

by Meredith Marsh Ph.D. (Author), Peter S. Alagona Ph.D. (Author)

Best Human Geography Prep Book

Cracking the AP Human Geography Exam, 2018 Edition: Proven Techniques to Help You Score a 5 (College Test Preparation)

If you are looking for the Best Human Geography Prep Book, you have found it with the Princeton Review’s book. This is one of the best books for figuring out how to study for the AP test. In fact, you will find a list of maps, charts and other questions that are important to understand when studying for the Human Geo test. Reviews on Amazon highlight this AP study guide as a way to refresh yourself on geography terms, and concepts, practice ap human geography tests, and practice writing. This book is for those dedicated to getting a 5 on their AP Human Geography exam, start early with this book and you will score a 5 on the exam. Some students even have reported that some of the practice questions match up almost perfectly with their actual test questions.

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Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities 12th Edition by Mark Bjelland Associate Professor (Author), Daniel R. Montello (Author), Jerome D Fellmann (Author), Arthur Getis (Author), Judith Getis (Author)
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